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After what looks like many weeks maybe even months of hard work, a brand new outlet for our favourite style of drum and bass has been unleashed upon us, its a website called Store Jam it is the brainchild of Graham Barber or better known to his fans as Phat Playaz, his aim was to give us "the punters" a fresh outlet with opportunities for unsigned artist's too, the project is concentrating on building a catalogue of exclusive and non exclusive releases from a comprehensive list of labels and producers.

The Website was launched only today, and at the time of writing there is already a smorgasbord of beats to listen to and purchase, so far the focus seems to be on the melodic/liquid side of Drum & Bass, but after reading their latest blog, it seems there will be all music genres added over time.

And there is some great news if your a budding producer eager to get some music out into the public arena, no more waiting for clicky labels to give their stamp of approval, Store Jam is offering unsigned artist's the chance to get their unsigned music out to the public and with luck make a few quid at the same time too, so get in touch with Store Jam and get your beats out a.s.a.p.

In a world which is rife with piracy, its difficult times for any music outlet, so please do support this new project, and support the underground roots, because without those roots, where would we be?

Visit the website now > www.storejam.com


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