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Brand new "Store Jam" for melodic beats

After what looks like many weeks maybe even months of hard work, a brand new outlet for our favourite style of drum and bass has been unleashed upon us, its a website called Store Jam it i... Read article

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Jrumhand - The Slow Train South

Would you like a slice of soul with your cocktail this weekend? I thought so, heres something that will definitely add some spice to your vibes, its the latest EP from Jrumhand on Soul Dee... Read article

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New realms for Drum and Bass Radio

Now that 4g is starting to get rolled out across the globe, there has never been a better time for the Internet and everyone using it especially Drum and Bass listeners. For a while now m... Read article

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The Drum and Bass Diaries

Ive been working really hard on our twitter account @VibrationRcrds the past couple of weeks, trying to connect far and wide to the DnB listeners, and while I was doing my daily twitter ma... Read article

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Sheer Velocity Recordings

Sheer Velocity Recordings is a brand new label focused on quality melodic liquid drum and bass, The label is owned and run by Anthony Finch otherwise known as Dj Soultec, he's been making ... Read article

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Vibration Records VR023 / Blue Motion / Bluep

I hope by now those who frequent know about our record label Vibration Records, if you dont please check us out! As the days start to get colder here on the northern hemisp... Read article

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Aural Imbalance - Legacy LP (Mixed CD)

For those nostalgic DnB ravers who just cant seem to find the old school sound, have no fear, I think we can now put your minds and hearts at rest with this latest LP by Aural Imbalance a ... Read article

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New: The Bite - Vampire Records

If you like your melodic drum and bass on the deeper slightly darker edge and you are in the London area Vampire Records are launching a brand new night to be held monthly from Club Nomad ... Read article

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Bassdrive Tunes 021 - Undersound

Undersound is back, in fact is this guy some kind of computer virus? I keep seeing the name Undersound pop up all over the place, and then when I click play, I keep getting the same amazin... Read article

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Think Deep Recordings - Selective Soul LP

Heres another wicked release that has just hit the shops. Think Deep Recordings a relatively new label and yet they are wasting no time cementing their stronghold on the melodic drum and b... Read article

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